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Our team of sound specialists


Asimov said, advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic –that’s why our team of super experienced sound engineers and designers earned the nickname “Sound Craftsmen”. They are always ready to take care of postproduction of all your audio assets in our specially designed postproduction booths, so man and machine are optimized to achieve the best results. With a long history and deep knowledge of game audio processes, our team will deliver top quality assets ready for implementation in your builds!

Masters of effects


Our sound engineers are not only experts in audio postproduction, but also in FX design and creation. Whether you have robots, soldiers with gas masks, radio communications, orcs or the like in your game –our team can deal with everything! We can follow your recipes, or design or mimic sounds from scratch, just with the original audio reference or a description of the sound you want to reproduce. Unleash your imagination!

Processes leading to quality


Improving processes in the sound engineering department is paramount to us. We have an innovation and quality team devoted to research of new ways of streamlining processes in terms of quality and efficiency. This way we are always ready to face more and more challenging projects. We prioritize efficiency, quality and deadlines overall. Moreover, our innovation team is always looking for new ways to design more complex and astonishing sound effects to give life and soul to the characters in your games.

Setup is ready!


Our recording booths and postproduction units are tailored and specifically designed to meet our quality standards in game audio production, so our work environment is unique in this industry.


Do you have any specific requirements for your game recordings? Please feel free to ask and we will make it happen!

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