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This Legal Notice regulates the general use and access conditions for the website located at URL, hereinafter referred to as “the Website”, Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. provides for Internet users.
Using the Website implies the absolute and unconditional acceptance of each and all the regulations included in this Legal Notice. Therefore, the user must read this Legal Notice each time they browse the Website since the contents of this text may be modified at the Proprietor’s discretion or due to a change in laws, case laws or corporate regulations.

1.-Website Property Rights

Corporate Name: Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U.
Name of Proprietor Keywords Studios PLC
City: Madrid
Province: Madrid
Postal Code: 28037
C.I.F. Number (Fiscal ID number)/ D.N.I. (National ID number): C.I.F. B87128427

Contact phone number: +34910052497
E-Mail address:
Inscription records: Commercial Madrid Registry, Volume 32817, Page 222, Section 8, Sheet M590736, Inscription 13, Year 2018.

2.- Purpose.

The Website enables user access to the information and services provided by Keywords Studios Spain S.L to any person u organization interested in such services.

3.- Website Use and Access.

3.1.- Free Website use and access.
The Website’s access is free for all its users.
3.2.- User registration.
In general terms, the use and access of the Website does not require previous subscription or registration of its users.

4.-Website contents.

The language used by the Website’s proprietor shall be English. Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. Shall not take responsibility for the user’s the lack of understanding of the website or any resulting consequences.
Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. may modify, delete or change the contents of the Website as well as the method of accessing it without prior notification or justification and in absolute freedom without taking responsibility for the consequences these changes may have on the users.
The use of the Website’s contents for promoting, entering into contract, advertising or for disclosing the corporation’s data or third person’s data without Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. authorization as well as sending information or advertising materials available to the users, regardless of whether it has been distributed gratuitously or not, is forbidden.
Any links or hyperlinks third parties should add in their websites that redirect to this Website will be for accessing the entire Website. Third parties shall not express, directly or indirectly, false, imprecise or confusing directions nor shall incur in disloyal or unlawful actions against Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U.

5.- Limitation of liability.

Access to the website and the unauthorized use of the information contained therein is the sole responsibility of the individual performing these actions. Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. shall not be responsible for any consequences or damages that may result from such use and/or access. Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. shall not be responsible for security errors that may be produced or damages that may be caused to the software and hardware of the user or to their files or documents stored therein as a consequence of the following:
– the presence of a virus in the user’s computer used to connect to the services of the Website,
– a poor browser performance
– and/or the use of outdated versions of the browser.
Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. shall not be responsible for the accuracy and speed of the hyperlinks added to the Website that connect to other sites. Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. does not guarantee that the links will be useful nor it takes responsibility for the contents or the services the user may access through these links or the proper functioning of these websites.
Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. shall not be responsible for virus or other software that may harm the hardware or software of the users when they access their website or other webs accessed through a link in this Website.

6.- Use of Cookies.

This Website uses cookies, you can check our Cookies Policy, where privacy is respected at all times.

7.- Industrial and Intellectual Property.

Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. owns all the rights to industrial and intellectual property of the Website as well as all the contents contained therein. This Website or its contents may only be for private use. Only Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. may use the website for purposes that include the copy, reproduction, distribution, transformation, public address or any other similar action of part or the entirety of the Website’s contents, therefore, no user may carry out these actions without prior written authorization from Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U.

8.- Privacy and Data Protection Policy.

Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. guarantees the protection and confidentiality of the personal information processed as a result of the user browsing the web pursuant to the regulations established by the disposition 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of April 27th of 2016 regarding the protection of natural persons in relation to processing personal information and the right of free movement of such data and also pursuant to the constitutional Spanish law 3/2018 of December 5th regarding personal information and digital rights protection.

In this sense, the following information is made available:

Purpose: Browsing the web, handling user requests.
Legitimation Consent of the interested party
Recipients Companies belonging to the KEYWORDS group, if any.
Rights of the interested party Access, rectify, reject, port, delete, limit the data processing.
Additional information For further information, please, check our Privacy Policy.

9.- Applicable law and jurisdiction.

This Legal Notice shall be construed and will be enforced according to the Spanish laws. Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. and the users reject any other jurisdiction that may be applicable to them and submit to the jurisdiction and courts corresponding to the address of the user for any argument that may arise from the use or access of the Website. Should the interested party’s address be outside of Spain, Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U. and the user reject any other jurisdiction that may be applicable to them and submit to the jurisdiction and courts appropriate for the address of Keywords Studios Spain S.L.U.


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