Keywords Studios Spain is born!

Keywords Studios Spain is born!

Keywords Studios Spain is now in the game!

KiteTeam, Sonox and Synthesis Iberia become now Keywords Studios Spain

2017 has been a very exciting year in Keywords! One of the most ambitious activities carried out was the integration process happening in Keywords’ studios in Spain, in which we merged Synthesis Iberia, Sonox and KiteTeam into one single brand, that at that time kept the name of KiteTeam.

This integration led to many improvements in processes and everyone could take advantage of the vast knowledge of their now fellow colleagues. However, this resulted into a confusing sense of belonging for many of the people in the team, coming from very different backgrounds, and that was something certainly needed to be resolved, so it made perfect sense too to set a fresh start and embrace the exciting feeling of starting something new. Without even noticing, this was the very beginining of Keywords Studios Spain.

Our new name comprises the years-and-years of experience from Synthesis Iberia, the fresh attitude from Sonox and the modern spirit from Kite Team, all in one single and solid company. But we do not only hold the experience and the essence of our past. Keywords Studios Spain emerges with an identity, culture and principles of its own.

#PeopleFirst. We are innovative professionals. We have been working in video game localization for many years, and we understand the requirements of this demanding industry. And we are constantly investing in ways of making localization industry more agile and responsive.

#ClientFirst. We are a committed team. And this commitment does not only circumscribe to publishers and game developers, but also to players. We feel your project as our own adventure, and we are joining you to achieve the same goal.

#PlayerFirst. We breathe and live video games. Everyone at Keywords Studios Spain is a gamer, and this spirit of passion and enthusiasm leaves a footprint in everything we put our hands on.

#KeywordsFamily. We want to have fun. After all, video games are all about entertainment. We are very proud of the awesome environment we have in our team, and the many initiatives we kick off in our facilities, from game nights to after work parties.

Keywords Studios Spain has pressed ‘START’ and is ready to join you in the many adventures to come!
The crew at Keywords Studios Spain


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