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A highly experienced fresh company

We are a team with over 20 years of experience in the video game localization industry. We provide developers and publishers worldwide with the services to obtain the highest quality in localization.

We work with our own local teams

We are not a multilingual company – we do not just manage the project, assign the tasks to local companies and keep track. We work with our own team in Spain, and very closely with other Keywords teams in Mexico and Brazil.

Our own technical resources and team

This approach, apart from ensuring top quality, guarantees that the artistic and gamer part of this job is maintained and consistently respected in those three languages.

We offer a full package

Consisting of translation, audio recording for video games and films and linguistic quality assurance for these three audiences: Castilian Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian. We also cover other graphic services like desktop publishing and video capture.


We understand the rules

Top quality ensured by translators and editors who are top linguists and gamers.

Actors, artistic directors and engineers who understand the artistic aspect of video game localization.

Be an specific and trusted team.


We believe that things can be done differently

We combine state-of-the-art technology with our own developed tools and processes that together allow us to offer secured confidentiality, advanced project management and comprehensive consistency, all in a transparent environment for our clients.

Cutting edge audio recording processes

In Keywords Studios Spain, we have designed our own recording process that ensures an agile workflow and allows to loop last minute script updates. Constraints are always met and recording times are seamlessly optimized.

Consistency is guaranteed

Text consistency is guaranteed by our advanced knowledge and custom design of CAT tools. Naming conventions and platform glossaries are combined with our own project term bases, so all resources, from translators to actors do know how a term has been coined.

Dedicated QA Team

Keywords Studios Spain has its own dedicated Quality Assurance Team. This in-house team audits the whole localization of the game. Translation and audio quality are ensured by resources who have not been involved in the process of translating or recording but have a deep knowledge of the project and accurate tools to assess the work on a constant basis.

You can track your project

Project Management in Keywords Studios Spain is transparent. Our clients can track their Project from all perspectives, including budget and timing.

Committed to players

We live and breathe video games. We are gamers and our very goal is to help developers to create the most immersive and vivid experience to gamers. This is why our commitment goes a step further and we always aim for the highest artistic quality in every title.


We know what high quality means



Translation is carried out locally by native speakers working from their territories.



Recordings are also carried out locally with expert professionals in their fields, managed and supervised at all times by our internal staff to ensure that processes and methodology are consistent throughout all territories.


Project management

Project management is centralized through a unique interface thus enhancing direct communication and a homogeneous approach from the linguistic, technical and artistic points of view.

We are a team of action

We work in a young environment where teamwork is our mean to success. But our team goes beyond our structure. We teamwork with developers and publishers side by side to achieve the same goal: a blockbuster game.


Our main studio is located downtown Madrid in a business area with good communications and infrastructure. The building has 24 hours security and access control. The office occupies almost 600m2 and comprises three recording studios as well as spacious production and management areas carefully designed to promote teamwork and enhance communication between all team members.

We have as well gaming areas to ease the access of the team to products that can be used as reference during the localization process.

Studio 5.1

Apart from our headquarters facilities, we have our own 5.1 studio, fully equipped to record any project requiring this technical specification. This office has as well two additional standard recording and mixing studios that multiplies our production capacity when any localization title has a very challenging schedule.

The intimate atmosphere of these premises makes them perfect for extremely confidential titles, and clients are invited to occupy them in case that on-site supervision is required. Do not miss out our chill out space.


We communicate through passion and improvement

We have developed a sophisticated methodology for effects creation and postproduction. We automatize the renaming and mastering process with internally developed tools, in order to achieve an error-free high quality.
We are always seeking improvement in the localization industry and we actively invest in new R&D initiatives to take our processes to the next level.

This is what we are

Keywords Studios Spain was born in 2018, when KiteTeam, Synthesis Iberia and Sonox became a single and solid company.

We are a passionate team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in video game localization and with a vast portfolio of AAA games localized into Spanish, Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

But we do not only hold the experience and the essence of our past. Keywords Studios Spain emerged with an identity and principles of its own. Everyone at Keywords is a gamer, and this spirit of passion and enthusiasm leaves a footprint in everything we work on.

Today we are you.

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